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Sell Some Shit – A Letter to Myself


Dear Self,

1) Sell it. Go on, admit it, the tag sale you had last weekend felt great, didn’t it? And even though you got rained out on Sunday, you spent the afternoon throwing out old papers. That was awesome, right? It totally put you on a purging binge. So go ahead, take pictures of those old pieces of flight sim hardware, the box of Star Trek collectibles, and that crate of old Thomas the Train cars, and post them on eBay. People are going to buy them. You can do it.

2) Let it go. Seriously, when was the last time you or your son used any of that stuff. He’s done with it. Sell. It. Make some money and some space. See item #1.

3) Coat o’ paint. You need to freshen this place up. A little paint will make a huge difference. It’s a total facelift for the price of a facial made of cucumbers and yogurt. Invite your friends. Smoke a joint. Make a party of it. You really need a change.

4) Oh cut the crap already. Don’t you ever get sick of hearing yourself? I know I do. You’ve been saying the same shit for decades. Just stop it.

5) I remember stuff. A few important things. Like how intensely it hurt when the boy I had a crush on accused me of wearing an undershirt (I did), and not a bra (I was 10). I don’t mind tripping over this memory occasionally on the way to the store, or watching an angsty movie. But I certainly don’t want to live with it 24/7. Why would I? It’s a memory, not a blueprint for life. See item #4.

Oh, Thank God

6) The Beatles had it right. Enough said. Just listen to everything they ever recorded.

7) Share your stories… But, I’m a little self-conscious focusing on me, me, me all the time... That’s OK, everyone is doing it… It’s too fucking hard looking in the mirror all the time... And besides, the more you open your heart, the more of a chance you have to connect with other people… It feels risky to me… It is…

8) Take a leap. What have you got to lose? Your innocence? Your happiness? (seen both of those come and go so many times already) Your fear? (I’d be more than happy to see that go.) The worst you can be is disappointed – hope may certainly end up that way, but… you’ll never know unless you try.

9) Don’t even think of trying to control things. Well, you can try, but it’s kind of pointless. Here are some more realistic options:
breathing deeply

10) And for heaven’s sake, enough with the worrying. And the guilt. Pointless. Boring. Exhausting. Need I say more?

With much love,

PS – So clearly, I just live in this space where I exist, and experience, and reflect. I’m not sure it really matters what we call what I write… I’m still gonna do it.