The Eve of Election in Mercury Retrograde


OK, so did y’all know that Mercury goes retrograde tomorrow? What the hell does that mean, you say?

It means that all hell is going to break loose. Communication is going to be challenged (ha! that’s an understatement…), technology may break down (voting machines, eegad!) and wires are going to be crossed whichever way you turn. I predict (and honestly, it doesn’t take an astrological expert or a rocket scientist, of which I am neither, to figure this one out) that the election results will not be decided for at least a couple of weeks. Maybe longer.

I hope I’m wrong. Damn, I hope I’m wrong. We need to know what is going to be happening with our stupid, broken, (yes, better than so many others, before you start calling me un-American, God forbid) political system for the foreseeable future. We have to make plans. I need to know which way the gloating is going to go, so I can prepare myself to be either a) humble and appreciative or b) quietly resentful… or maybe that’s c) ecstatic and manically expressive of my boundless joy and relief or d) really, really, really pissed off or e) disgusted and pondering a relocation to Vancouver.

I’ve already made my feelings known. I’m an unabashed Obama supporter. You should see the back of my car. It’s got several, OK six Obama stickers on it. I can’t help it. I really think the President rocks. And obviously not ashamed to share that with the world. Despite the fact that not once, but twice, some kind neighbor left some very profane and hateful anti-fan mail on my dashboard, proclaiming Obama to be an Israel hater and other nasty things I don’t want to repeat here. I reported it to my local police, but hey, it’s not a burning cross or a spray painted swastika, and nobody got hurt. Hell, they didn’t even break the windshield.

I figure I’m OK driving around most of NYC, but take if a few miles too far to our West, or park it in the wrong neighborhood, and I feel the heat of lunch counter racism breathing heavy down my neck. I don’t love that in this day and age, it feels rather radical and a bit risky to be openly supporting the President of the United States. I’m talking beyond the usual partisan divides. This self-consciousness is grounded in a whole other awareness of historical violence and unthinkable atrocities aimed at human beings who look just like Barack Obama, my son or anyone else at least as dark and lovely as Halle Berry.

It’s confusing and humbling, to say the least. Yeah, it’s still a little dangerous to support the Black man in the highest office. Wow. Really? Yep. That’s right. This here’s America. Love it or leave it.

OK, I HATE getting political. But it is the night before the election.

Here’s a couple of questions I just want to pose…
1) If I think that everyone should be taken care of equally in the wake of a natural disaster like Sandy, or Katrina, does that make me a socialist? And why is Socialism such a dirty word, anyway? Is it because there have been corrupt socialist leaders? Or is the idea of shared responsibility and reward really so heinous?

2) Seriously. Is Mitt Romney really such an admirable man that we should want him for our President? Or is he just THE Republican candidate, the one to be supported by the party, no matter what? (I’m SO tired of our political system.)

3) Republican women… do you honestly think that the far right agenda is going to be good for you, as a woman? Have you thought this through carefully enough?

4) Does anyone think that Mitt Romney is really genuine and sincere? Or do they just hate Barack Obama, or THE IDEA of Barack Obama so much, that they will elect anyone the Republican party puts on the campaign trail?

5) Republican friends – will we still be able to talk civilly to one another after tomorrow? (I hope so!!)

Please give me strength.

Photo by jetheriot


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