Welcome to my new blog!



It was time for a change. So I started this new blog. You might remember the old one

I’ll be honest with you. Change freaks me out. All those moving parts, details to manage, so much upheaval. Things get lost, stuff isn’t where you remember. It gives me palpitations.

But that’s precisely why I like it, too. Great stuff happens when I’m slightly off balance. At least there’s the potential. That’s why I make myself go through the scary parts.

I’m not really prepared to start this new blog. I haven’t figured out exactly where it’s going, and why it was so important to leave the old one behind. I only knew that it was time to move forward. So I am glad you have decided to come with me for the experience. I will be looking for ways to challenge myself and explore new territory.

One thing I will say is this… there are plenty of reasons to say no. I’m not ready. I’m not good enough. I’m scared, sad, angry…  But none of these are good enough to prevent me from continuing to grow as a writer and as a human being. There’s a lot of work to be done. Global issues to tackle, personal obstacles to overcome. And so many people doing such amazing and inspiring things with their lives. I am excited about connecting with them and telling you about their efforts.

So here it is. A splat of spaghetti thrown against the wall. Maybe some of it will stick. Hang out with me for a while and we’ll see what happens…


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